Wednesday, June 1, 2011

work in progress

almost two weeks ago i started painting our dining room.  that turned into painting our dining and living rooms and stairway.  to accomplish this as close to perfection as i could possibly do i had to start by sanding my walls.  here's some friendly advice, if you ever decide you want to use that textured sand paint stuff on your walls remember that one day you may not want it there and it will be a PAIN to remove. 
since i couldn't stand to see the cracks and holes in the plaster walls either i had to spackle.  then i ran out of spackle and had to wait to get more.  well, after a few days of sanding, spackling and priming, with some baseball games and a musical in there too i was finally ready to use some color. 
well it's not color really, is an off-white.  but compared to the purple we used in the dining room and the yellow in the living room i like it.
by the way, the purple was a decision made by a 21 year old who had no idea what it meant to have her own home.  and since i didn't (and still don't) like arguing with my husband, i let him pick the weird purple trim color.   as you can see by the in process photo and the one from christmas i haven't taken many photos in my house because i just wasn't happy with it.  the only question i can't answer is why it took 10 years to correct this paint disaster!  oh wait, i can answer that.  the pain of sanding, spackling, priming, and painting is why i waited this long.  hopefully i won't think this color choice is a mistake anytime soon.  i'll post finished pics soon.