Monday, April 25, 2011

coloring eggs

On Saturday we got around to coloring our Easter eggs.  The youngest two enjoyed it the most while the my oldest was just ready to eat them!!  In a few years he probably won't even want to color them anymore.  I can't believe how quick times seems to go after thinking back to his first Easter.  I guess I'll just have to bribe him to play along with Momma in the future.   If not, then more eggs for me!

After editing these I realized I really need to wear my glasses when taking pics.  Maybe I'll work on adjusting that diopter thingy.  Time to get out the manual!

I hope you had a great holiday!

Friday, April 22, 2011

driving at night


ok, so i couldn't stick with the pic a day thing which made me not want to post at all. so i guess i'll have to try something else to get my writing vibe going.

these pics were from the fall when i was actually a passenger in a car instead of the driver. that doesn't happen often anymore. i miss when i was younger and my husband and i would drive around every night just to do something together. the smell of the first warm spring days when we put the windows down and cranked up the music were the best! when i hear a few nirvana and garth brooks songs i go back in time.

i'll be back sooner than last time, although i think i'm the only one reading this.