Tuesday, January 3, 2012

howdy there

long time no write.  i was feeling a little blah looking at my blog and just couldn't get into posting.  so a little facelift was in order until i can get the whole design my own thing under my belt to get me back in the blogging mood.  thanks to The Cutest Blog On The Block  for awesome and FREE designs. 

i AM doing project 365 this year and actually got the first two days done and posted on flickr.  an amazing accomplishment for me since i tend to procrastinate.  a lot.



new year's day the little one and i had pork and kraut at mom's house with my sister, niece, and the biggest nephew, Danny, plus his girl.  dinner was quiet and yummy and ended with an early birthday cake and presents.  the last day of Christmas vacation was finished off with a game of Risk with all my boys and Danny.  if the first two days are any indication, 2012 is going to be a peaceful year.  YAY!  i could so use some peace around here.  Happy New Year!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

work in progress

almost two weeks ago i started painting our dining room.  that turned into painting our dining and living rooms and stairway.  to accomplish this as close to perfection as i could possibly do i had to start by sanding my walls.  here's some friendly advice, if you ever decide you want to use that textured sand paint stuff on your walls remember that one day you may not want it there and it will be a PAIN to remove. 
since i couldn't stand to see the cracks and holes in the plaster walls either i had to spackle.  then i ran out of spackle and had to wait to get more.  well, after a few days of sanding, spackling and priming, with some baseball games and a musical in there too i was finally ready to use some color. 
well it's not color really, is an off-white.  but compared to the purple we used in the dining room and the yellow in the living room i like it.
by the way, the purple was a decision made by a 21 year old who had no idea what it meant to have her own home.  and since i didn't (and still don't) like arguing with my husband, i let him pick the weird purple trim color.   as you can see by the in process photo and the one from christmas i haven't taken many photos in my house because i just wasn't happy with it.  the only question i can't answer is why it took 10 years to correct this paint disaster!  oh wait, i can answer that.  the pain of sanding, spackling, priming, and painting is why i waited this long.  hopefully i won't think this color choice is a mistake anytime soon.  i'll post finished pics soon.

Monday, April 25, 2011

coloring eggs

On Saturday we got around to coloring our Easter eggs.  The youngest two enjoyed it the most while the my oldest was just ready to eat them!!  In a few years he probably won't even want to color them anymore.  I can't believe how quick times seems to go after thinking back to his first Easter.  I guess I'll just have to bribe him to play along with Momma in the future.   If not, then more eggs for me!

After editing these I realized I really need to wear my glasses when taking pics.  Maybe I'll work on adjusting that diopter thingy.  Time to get out the manual!

I hope you had a great holiday!

Friday, April 22, 2011

driving at night


ok, so i couldn't stick with the pic a day thing which made me not want to post at all. so i guess i'll have to try something else to get my writing vibe going.

these pics were from the fall when i was actually a passenger in a car instead of the driver. that doesn't happen often anymore. i miss when i was younger and my husband and i would drive around every night just to do something together. the smell of the first warm spring days when we put the windows down and cranked up the music were the best! when i hear a few nirvana and garth brooks songs i go back in time.

i'll be back sooner than last time, although i think i'm the only one reading this.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1 & 2, february

my mom gave me a cutting of a christmas cactus during the summer.  i have managed to keep it alive and actually had to transplant it from the jar it was in.  yay me!  maybe i'll be able to garden yet. 
1. february

he is loving his crazy hair.  gets upset when we try to comb it down.  love that about him.  he knows what he wants and isn't afraid to tell ya.  he could teach his mama a thing or two. 
2. february

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

365, january

i'm not all that good at this project 365 thing, but i'm trying.  my official start was on my birthday since it's only a few days after the new year and when i really consider the year to have begun.  here's a little bit of what january looked like.

beautiful sunsets


a new free vacuum


still no light after work

 morning drive to work

i actually took more than this but haven't finished loading them yet.  since february is a short month maybe i'll do better.  maybe i'll even post them everyday.  (it's written down so that means i have to, right?)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

a christmas story

so, today, my 2nd child who is so very intelligent, decided he really didn't think a tongue would stick to a frozen car.  why continue arguing with the child?  he wouldn't do it, right?  an hour after dropping him off at my mom's i get a call.  "by the way, Killian got his tongue stuck on Jen's car while waiting for the bus," says my mother oh so calmly.  "he pulled it off, just a little blood."


yes he has watched this movie.  yes he was warned, lots and lots of times.  no, i don't have a picture to forever remember and show his future girlfriends and children.  bummer :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

friday photo love (on saturday)

1. 11 july, 2. my shadow, 3. Summer picnics!, 4. day 363 : 365 • illumine, 5. Untitled, 6. ham and cheese omelette, 7. Untitled, 8. Pumpkin Man (Hipstamatic Contest Entry), 9. Hmm.... Und vhat do vee havk heer?, 10. Untitled, 11. Untitled, 12. Bygone Era, 13. Oaxaca en la Noche, 14. Watchout for the No Tresspassing sign, 15. Santo Domingo de Guzman, 16. Vintage Ornament Wreath 2010

goo's boo-boo

this doesn't look like someone with "the worst boo-boo i've ever had". this was about an hour after 'The Bookbag Incident' right before we went into the ER. thankfully no teeth are loose just a little sore and only one stitch required.

a little numbing gel before stitchin' time. don't pick your nose!!

this boy was awesome! he was so brave and no complaining. with one stitch and two lollipops he was ready to get back home.

and back to video games :)